Why Divine Indulgence was started...

       Divine Indulgence Personal Chef Services was founded by Chef Shanel Dewalt in 2015. Chef Dewalt, having a passion for cooking, wanted to change people's perception of food and how they feed their children. Growing up in a single parent household, Chef Dewalt's mother was always working so as the oldest of 5 kids, she had to step up at an early age to play a motherly role for her siblings which included cooking dinner every night. When her mom tried to stretch her money to feed the family, she would buy tv dinners and other convenient processed food. A lot of parents feed their kids this way because they aren’t educated on what they're actually feeding them, they believe it's too expensive to cook from scratch, or they simply do have the time.

       Chef Dewalt wants her company to be able to help parents with these things. Since she was a little girl she knew that she wanted to do two things in her lifetime: cook and give back to the community. Since then, she has dedicated her time to different organizations to help out as much as she can during her time in culinary school. After much prayer, Divine Indulgence Personal Chef Services, LLC was started two months after Chef Dewalt's 20th birthday. Since then, she has put her all into the business asking God for guidance because only he knows her purpose.